About TruGenX

Our Laboratory is CLIA certified and delivers highly accurate results that physicians like you expect from a molecular diagnostic Lab. We use RT-PCR to generate the relevant reports that you need when ordering genetic testing for cancer risk, UTIs, respiratory pathogens and pharmacogenetics.

Our approach to precision medicine saves time and money for physicians, hospitals, and clinical laboratories seeking services from a reference Laboratory. Choose only the services you need from our expanded test menu, and we will deliver thorough personalized results from the standard patient sample you collect.

Personalized Genetic Medicine

Providers know that personalized medicine will give them the most accurate and in-depth information, along with a better understanding of their patients’ unique DNA.

We strictly follow clinically validated protocols in our molecular diagnostic testing services. Our analytics and reporting software produces a personalized clinical report to help you diagnose more accurately, pinpoint areas that diverge from standard diagnostics, and create a custom treatment plan.

In addition, the pharmacogenetics patient profile we generate reduces the likelihood of an adverse reaction to a medication. It’s happening right now prescribing medicine with fewer adverse reactions that set patients back!

Respiratory Pathogen Panel

As any patient knows, there are a wide variety of illnesses that affect the lungs with similar symptoms. Our respiratory pathogen testing provides medical professionals with individual tests that target some of the most common bacterial and viral infections.

Using FDA & CDC approved equipment, our CLIA certified clinical laboratory can help medical providers diagnose and treat a variety of respiratory illnesses including human coronavirus, influenza, adenovirus and more. Our reports provide clear personalized data that benefits both patients and practitioners.

Utilizing our respiratory pathogen panel can help patients receive timely treatment and make sense of their various symptoms. It is especially important for the elderly, young children, and patients with compromised immune systems to diagnose quickly and accurately.

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TruGenX is a clinical lab that provides testing kits to
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