An example of a COVID-19 test

Accurate Testing is Vital for Tracking the Spread of COVID-19

Reliable data is necessary for states to gain an accurate insight into how COVID-19 is spreading at a local level. The President of the United States has given each Governor the permission to pass legislation specific their state in order to decrease the spread of the novel coronavirus. Social distancing, work from home policies, and self-quarantining have all been prescribed to “flatten the curve” and slow down the spread of infection across the country. The CDC, WHO, and local health organizations rely on accurate results from testing to track how these changes are working to slow the virus.

Early Issues with COVID-19 Testing in America

When COVID-19 began spreading in America there was an immediate need for testing kits, ventilators, N95 masks, and medical supplies. The sudden need caused an unforeseen ripple in the supply chain and ultimately prevented the public from receiving these materials. This is the event that sparked the nationwide shortage of testing kits beginning in March and now has extended into late April. The problem was caused by a difficulty for health organizations to get the information they needed to make informed decisions. Local lawmakers were forced to make decisions about the distribution of the supply on hand in America without real-time data.

The Current Status of Testing

Joint efforts of many independent clinical laboratories and the FDA has allowed for smaller American labs to be able to process COVID-19 specimens. Starting in April of 2020, hundreds of labs throughout America have been distributing COVID-19 testing kits to urgent care clinics, primary care physicians, family medicine practices, and licensed medical practitioners. Testing shortages still exist throughout America. The CDC has recommended that only patients who are experiencing symptoms, have come into contact with someone who has tested positive, or are at high risk seek testing. However, the CDC also recommends that healthy younger individuals who are experiencing mild symptoms self-quarantine for two weeks. If symptoms become an emergency, individuals are encouraged to call emergency medical services.

How TruGenX Has Been Helping

The northeast of America has been hit the hardest by COVID-19. New York and New Jersey both have struggled to provide COVID-19 testing and treatment to patients as the disease has spread. That is why TruGenX is providing FDA approved testing kits to medical professionals in New Jersey and the northeast. For more information, or to order testing kits, please click here.