abstract digital display of global COVID-19 data

Epidemiologists Warn United States About Data Secrecy Regarding COVID-19

After four long months since the coronavirus initially started spreading in America, there are a few important things we have learned both from our own country and others. The predictions of the epidemiologists and health officials worldwide were correct. Areas where testing increased saw improvements in containing the virus. And sharing data with local & state governments had a positive impact on enacting policies that could slow the spread of the virus. With these facts in mind, it may seem strange that there has been a recent push in America to no longer share testing data with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Why Sharing COVID-19 Data Matters

Epidemiology is the study of epidemics like the novel coronavirus outbreak in America. Since the start of the outbreak, epidemiologists from many different countries have shared their insights and helped governing bodies to make researched policies that would have the most effect on slowing or stopping the spread of the virus. However, epidemiologists in America have made it clear that the most effective way to handle the coronavirus is by analyzing data trends and carefully tracking the virus. In April, there was a call for mass testing, with a goal to collect as much data as possible. Unfortunately, widespread testing was not made available in many areas, and even in July, there are still many places that are not equipped to provide testing in a timely manner. Without data to reference, policies and practices cannot be revised to effectively fight the virus. 

Removal of COVID-19 Data from the CDC’s Website in July

Recently, the Trump Administration announced that COVID-19 data would no longer be funneled directly to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). On Tuesday, July 14th the CDC’s website dashboard was no longer being updated with real-time data as hospitals were urged to no longer send their data directly to the CDC. The CDC’s live dashboard is one of few publicly available benchmarks that citizens, lawmakers, and politicians can use to track the spread of the virus and stay up to date on the data. As the date passed, there was an outcry from epidemiologists, governors, and local officials about the decision to bypass the CDC. Federal organizations have indicated that there are plans to restore the CDC’s dashboard with live data.

Order COVID-19 Testing

Since April, epidemiologists have encouraged the idea of increased testing as both a way to obtain additional data in America and also a preventative measure against the virus. Nations that tested more not only were able to create informed policies but the testing itself helped individuals self-quarantine and slow the spread of the virus. Our company, TruGenX provides COVID-19 testing kits nationwide for medical facilities. Please contact us to learn more about ordering tests.