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How Will Colleges & Universities Reopen During COVID-19

As the pandemic continues in America, there are many questions about what fall of 2020 will look like. Colleges and universities are not exempt. Every state is operating under different protocols and reopening policies. Students and families alike are wondering whether college classes will resume this fall. The pandemic appears to be far from over in our country as we are seeing increases in cases among many different regions. Colleges and universities are partnering with leading public health researchers. Early projections are leading to campuses potentially reopening in the fall on a limited basis.

Online Classes & Half Semesters

The first concept for reopening our nation’s universities and colleges is to continue with online classes. Some universities and colleges have already developed a presence online to conduct their classes. Schools are determined to reopen in the fall with virtual classes while they are awaiting decisions on whether students will be permitted on campus. A few universities have also suggested half semesters or pushing the first day of classes further into the year. Although this will provide many logistical challenges, universities in many cities believe that this will be the best way to mitigate safety concerns. 

Colleges Planning to Open in the Fall

In areas of the country where cases of coronavirus have steadily been decreasing, many universities are considering opening in the fall. However, there are still factors to consider regarding a plan for reopening. Staffing, housing, and daily policies all need to be considered and weighed against public health concerns. Universities worry that dorm life may make it impossible to slow or stop the spread of the virus.  The problem lies in that if dorms are not available, it would limit the students that could travel to each campus.  This would require that students either find off campus housing or commute from long distances which could potentially also increase the risks of spreading the virus.

University Reopening Protocols & Policies

Healthcare researchers have made recommendations on the potential plans for reopening schools. The risk that needs to be considered is that the close indoor environment required for classrooms and lecture halls could quickly spread the virus. Holding in-person classes would demand social distancing. Both students & staff would need to wear face coverings. Some researchers suggest that universities and colleges look at live-in facilities for tactics that can prevent the spread of the virus. Live-in facilities like senior centers have used an aggressive testing regimen to prevent transmission of the virus. By testing both employees and residents frequently, and using temperature checks between tests, it is possible to catch cases before they spread. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious virus that can spread even when patients are asymptomatic, so testing is the most effective way to track the disease and prevent its spread. 

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