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Spikes in COVID-19 Cases in Texas & Florida

Medical professionals across America are warning of a potential “second wave” of COVID-19 cases. This is due to recent spikes in new cases in Texas and Florida. These states implemented aggressive reopening strategies early on, and many American health organizations believe this has directly led to the spike in cases. With an increase in patients testing positive for COVID-19, state governments are reassessing their protocols in place and adopting new shutdown policies. There is now a fear that the increase in cases will not be limited to only a handful of states but may spread throughout the entire country. To combat a potential second wave, accurate testing with a quick turnaround time must be prioritized by local and state officials.

Coronavirus Testing for Medical Facilities in Florida & Texas

As Florida & Texas see rapid increases in new cases each day, it is important to look at states that initially had large spikes of cases and have flattened their respective curves. New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts were consistently the three states with the most active cases for months. For this reason, they implemented aggressive shutdown policies to decrease the spread of the virus. More importantly, they supported increased testing to track the efficacy of their plans. Even now, these states are still amid gradual reopening plans that center on waiting and testing. Each phase in the reopening plans involves two to three weeks of testing to ensure that the reopening protocols are not causing a new wave of cases. Only with testing can states safely reopen and mitigate risks. As Florida & Texas rollout new restrictions, the best way to safely track their effectiveness is by increasing routine testing. Not only does testing increase data, but it also works as a countermeasure to the virus. Decreasing the number of citizens that are unaware that they are carrying the virus will decrease the spread of the virus through self-isolation. Live-in facilities including senior homes, drug rehab centers, and similar facilities must test to protect residents. Hospitals, urgent care clinics, and medical offices need to offer COVID-19 testing so we can catch cases earlier and decrease the spread. Testing results will be vital in tracking the fluctuations in new cases per day over the next few weeks. Without accurate testing, it will be impossible for any state to safely reopen.

Recent Cuts to Federally Funded Testing for COVID-19

Unfortunately, there have been recent plans to cut federal funding for testing. This comes from a concept that the high volume of testing is creating an unrealistic high volume of “active cases”. This correlation is not supported by the CDC or by evidence from states that have flattened the curve. In fact, increased testing was necessary both in America and other countries to decrease the spread of the virus. The World Health Organization created a benchmark for countries looking to reopen. They stated that a region is required to have a rate of less than 10% positive cases to ensure safe reopening. This does not eliminate the need to test asymptomatic Americans. There is a need to test both patients who have symptoms and individuals who have come in contact with patients who have confirmed cases (i.e. healthcare workers and hospice care providers). This will limit the spread of the virus to potentially vulnerable people. Without federal support for COVID-19 testing, it is the responsibility of state governments and individual medical facilities to order tests and stay vigilant against this virus. Only through accurate test results can we track reopening procedures and prevent multiple waves of the virus.

Order COVID-19 Testing in Florida & Texas

TruGenX provides COVID-19 testing using the PCR (polymerase chain reaction) method to medical professionals throughout the country. TruGenX provides the accuracy and turnaround time that urgent care clinics, nursing homes, and hospitals expect when ordering COVID-19 testing. Testing not only helps us identify infected individuals and increase the data we have as America plans to reopen. If you represent medical facilities in major cities like Miami, Austin, Orlando, Dallas, or Palm Beach you should consider weekly COVID-19 testing for your employees. For more information on ordering tests, please contact TruGenX.