PGx Testing for CYP2D6 in Connection To SSRIs

The cytochrome P-450 family represent a group of genes that are responsible for producing enzymes in the brain, kidneys, and liver that metabolize medications. CYP2D6 is estimated to be involved in the metabolization of up to a quarter of prescription drugs on the market. Somewhere between 4-7% of individuals have a genetic variation that would make them a poor metabolizer of those medications, and 3% population have a genetic variation that would make them a rapid or over-metabolizer for these medications. It is also estimated that a third of the population has a genetic variation that causes CYP2D6 to be wholly dysfunctional. These three types of variations present risks especially with psychiatric medications.

Psychiatric Medications & Pharmacogenetics

SSRIs or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors can be affected by CYP2D6 production and function. Additionally, tricyclic antidepressants (TCA), beta-blockers, neuroleptics, antiarrhythmics, and opiates, can all be affected by a patient’s genetic predisposition. Historically, physicians patients have relied on a trial and error method where a patient reports on the efficacy and side effects of a medication and the physician either changes the dosage or the prescription altogether. However, with PGx testing it is possible to bypass trial and error drug testing, which provides better patient outcomes.

Should Your Patient Get Pharmacogenetic Testing?

Although the FDA has required that more than 250 prescription medications display relevant PGx information, there is no requirement that PGx panels are used on patients. It is up to the physician’s discretion to decide to order these tests. However, PGx testing can be highly valuable for your patients. There are many variants of CYP2D6, and those variations can cause individual patients to react very differently to pharmaceutical treatment. The family of CYP genes affect a large percentage of all prescription medication, and a panel test can be very effective in providing valuable information that can prevent unwanted side effects or medication inefficacy. If your patient has reported issues with their SSRI treatment, antidepressants, or other psychiatric medication, or if your patient is about to begin treatment, PGx testing can lead to better outcomes.

Order PGx Testing for SSRIs

Physicians can order PGx testing from TruGenX by contacting our team. If you are patient and are interested in the benefits of PGx we highly recommend viewing our resources on how these tests can help you and your loved ones. Speak to your doctor or care provider about PGx and whether it is right for you.