CYP4F2 & VKORC1 Genetic Testing

CYP4F2 is part of the family of cytochrome enzymes that our bodies use to break down and process medications. As a family, all of the CYP genes are linked to more than half of the prescription medications in circulation. Understanding genetic variation for these genes and how it affects metabolic rates is highly important when choosing medications or dosages. VKORC1 refers to vitamin K epoxide reductase. This enzyme breaks down vitamin K epoxide into vitamin K. Genetic variation for VKORC1 greatly impacts how Wafarin (Coumadin) affects a patient.

Wafarin Dosage & VKORC1 Gene Testing

VKORC1 gene variants will greatly impact the amount of warfarin needed to inhibit factors that lead to blood clots. Additionally CYP4F2 will also contribute to how the body processes Wafarin. Understanding the link between multiple genes and medication is vital to preventing inefficacy due to under-dosing and preventing life-threatening side effects that are caused by overdosing. Warfarin can cause excessive bleeding if a patient is a poor metabolizer of the active pharmaceutical ingredients. Alternatively, it can fail to treat blood clots if genetic predisposition leads to a patient being an ultra-rapid metabolizer.

Pharmacogentic Testing for Warfain & Blood Thinners

Plavix and Warfarin are two of the most studied medications in relation to pharmacogenetic data. This is because not only are their clear interacts between patient genetic variations and metabolization rate, but there are also significant health risks associated with both medications. For this reasons patients who have a family history of adverse reactions to blood thinners, have experienced adverse reactions in the past, or are on multiple medications, should consider speaking with their doctor about pharmacogenetic testing.

Order Testing Kits From TruGenX

TruGenX is a CLIA-certified lab that provides testing nationwide. If you have a patient that requires PGx testing for Warfarin, Plavix, or another blood thinner, please contact our team to order tests or learn more about our process. If you are a patient interested in the benefits of testing we highly recommend you read through our resource guide on PGx and talk to your doctor about if PGx testing is right for you.