Factor II and Factor V Leiden Genetic Testing

Mutations related to Factor II and Factor V Leiden can lead to thromboembolic episodes. Embolisms can of course cause strokes or be found in the lungs (pulmonary) or in the gastrointestinal system. Genetic mutations inherited could lead to a higher risk of stroke, pulmonary embolisms, and blood clots in general. Naturally, understanding the underlying genetics of an individual patient can greatly impact treatment options and considerations.

Genetic Predisposition For Blood Clots

Clinical studies have shown that genetic mutations can increase a patient’s risks for thromboembolic episodes. However, the research on this relationship is still ongoing. It appears that multiple genetic variations need to be present for this risk to be increased. That being said, it is recommended that patients who have multiple family members that have a history of blood clots, strokes, and similar embolism-related illnesses, consider genetic testing. Through pharmacogenetic testing, it is possible to note combinations of genetic mutations that could potentially increase this risk.

Testing Patients For Factor II and Factor V Genetic Mutations

As with all PGx testing, it is up to the physician to decide whether or not this test is right for your patient. As mentioned above, family history of strokes, embolisms, and blood clots is a definite reason to order genetic testing for your patient. Additionally if your patient has experienced multiple strokes or embolisms that do not seem to stem from health conditions, genetic testing could provide valuable context.

Order Pharmacogenetic Testing For Factor II and Factor V Genetic Mutations

Patients who are at higher or elevated risk for thromboembolic episodes or have a family history of strokes, blood clots, and embolisms should consider PGx testing. For more information on how PGx works please visit our guide. Patients should ask their doctors about the benefits of PGx and whether or not getting genetic testing is right for them. Physicians can order tests directly from TruGenX, a CLIA-Certified lab, that provides a variety of beneficial genetic tests.