SLCO1b1 Genetic Testing

SLCO1b1 is also known as OAT1b1, it is an influx transporter that transfers medications into cells. Genetic variations that affect the production or attributes of this transporter can increase or decrease the blood levels of medications in a patient. Some of the most affected prescription medications include angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors, methotrexate, and statins. Genetic variations that decrease transporter activiity could case increased statin in the blood which increases the risk of adverse side effects. These side effects include myalgia and rhabdomyolysis. This is why the FDA has listing pharmacogenetic information on a variety of medications including statins.

Genetic Testing for Cholesterol Medication

Statins are commonly used to treat high cholesterol. However if SLCO1b1 activity in an individual is decreased due to genetic predisposition it is possible that cholesterol treatments could lead to complications. Providers should consider ordering genetic tests for patients who are about to begin statin therapy or for patients who have experienced adverse side effects when taking cholesterol medications in the past. Similarly, patients either currently using or planning to use an ACE inhibitor or methotrexate treatment are also ideal candidates for genetic testing.

Order Pharmacogenetic Testing for ACE Inhibitors & High Cholesterol Medications

If your patient is at risk for complications caused by ACE inhibitors, statins, or methotrexate, a PGx test can be very valuable. at TruGenX we provide a panel of genetic tests that cover all of the most influential genes that have studied relationships with commonly used prescription medications. Patients who are taking multiple medications, who have family histories of adverse side effects, or who are in any way at elevated risk for complications, should consider pharmacogenetic testing. If you are a patient, please talk to your doctor about genetic testing. For more information on the subject please view our guide. Medical practices can order tests by contacting the TruGenX team.