COVID-19 testing kits

TruGenX ramps up capacity to provide COVID-19 testing to New Jersey residents

TruGenX is a CLIA certified clinical laboratory that provides molecular testing kits for use by licensed medical professionals. These kits are used for detecting respiratory pathogens (RPP), molecular urinary tract infection (UTI) testing, hereditary cancer testing, and pharmacogenetic testing. In reaction to the need for COVID-19 testing, TruGenX has focused its efforts on providing COVID-19 testing kits to healthcare providers in the areas affected by the pandemic including Florida, Texas and New Jersey. We have begun shipping out COVID-19 testing kits to healthcare providers throughout the United States. If you are a licensed medical professional in need of testing kits, contact us today.

Back to Work COVID-19 Testing

Right now, the one question on everyone’s mind is when we will start going back to work. Parts of the Northeast have all extended their stay at home orders until mid-May. The good news is that this region showed daily tallies of new cases and deaths slowing down. Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, has recently come out saying that his entire state would not likely see a lift of the stay at home orders, but could expect to see a rollout of reopenings during mid to late May. Similarly, Governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey reported seeing a decrease in deaths compared to their peak. The small businesses and companies in the Northeast are hoping to hear that stay at home orders will be lifted soon. Conversely, there are many citizens still concerned about risks linked to reopening the states too early. An answer to this dilemma would be to roll out the Back to Work COVID-19 testing and test individuals who are not showing any symptoms but want to be cleared. 

Overcoming COVID-19 Testing Shortages

Many companies are considering having their employees get tested before coming back to work. Mass testing of employees could potentially limit the spread of COVID-19 in the workforce and help individuals self-quarantine or seek treatment. The problem is that COVID-19 testing kit shortages continue to cause issues for clinics and medical facilities across America to service these companies. Part of the reason mass testing has not been established is because of the shortages. As a short-term solution, the CDC has recommended only patients who are experiencing symptoms, are at high risk, or have come in contact with someone with the virus seek testing. However, many businesses suggest that the best way to get back on track is for their employees to get tested. This directive is very close to the CDC’s plan for healthcare practitioners. The CDC outlines a method of return to work criteria for healthcare workers that states that a worker should not return to work until they have received a negative FDA approved COVID-19 test. Many businesses want to apply a similar standard for their own employees. In order to do so, we need to overcome testing shortages in the Northeast. The major critics of back to work testing plans, are people who worry that if tests are used by potentially healthy individuals there will not be tests left for people who need them. That is why TruGenX is working to provide FDA approved COVID-19 testing kits for medical facilities in New Jersey.

Order COVID-19 Testing Kits

As we approach a potential relief from stay at home orders in the Northeast, it is vital that health care centers have access to increased amounts of COVID-19 testing kits. If you would like to order COVID-19 testing kits from TruGenX, please contact our support team.